Il rap dei climatologi

Finalmente un cambio di strategia mediatica da parte dei climatologi: contro i negazionisti a oltranza (quelli in malafede) la migliore difesa è l'attacco:

Written and performed by Climate Scientists, Dan Ilic, Duncan Elms and production by Brendan Woithe at Colony NoFi.

Riporto il testo piuttosto divertente, ripreso da YouTube:

In the media landscape there are climate change deniers and believers, but rarely are those speaking about climate change actual climate scientists...

yo....we're climate scientists.. and there's no denying this Climate Change Is REEEEALL..
Who's a climate scientist.. 
I'm a climate scientist.. 
Not a cleo finalist 
No a climate scientist

Droppin facts all over this wax 
While bitches be crying about a carbon tax 
Climate change is caused by people 
Earth Unlike Alien Has no sequel 
We gotta move fast or we'll be forsaken, 
Cause we were too busy suckin dick Copenhagen: (Politician)

I said Burn! it's hot in here.. 
32% more carbon in the atmosphere. 
Oh Eee Ohh Eee oh wee ice ice ice 
Raisin' sea levels twice by twice 
We're scientists, what we speak is True. 
Unlike Andrew Bolt our work is Peer Reviewed... ooohhh

Who's a climate scientist.. 
I'm a climate scientist.. 
An Anglican revivalist 
No a climate scientist

Feedback is like climate change on crack 
The permafrosts subtracts: feedback 
Methane release wack : feedback.. 
Write a letter then burn it: feedback 
Denialists deny this in your dreams 
Coz climate change means greater extremes, 
Shit won't be the norm 
Heatwaves bigger badder storms 
The Green house effect is just a theory sucker (Alan Jones) 
Yeah so is gravity float away muther f**cker

Who's a climate scientist.. 
I'm a climate scientist.. 
I'm not a climate Scientist 
Who's Climate Scientists 
A Penny Farthing Cyclist 
A Lebanese typist 
A Paleontologist 
A Sebaceous Cyst
No! a climate scientist! Yo! PREACH~!



Climate change is like the Internet

"It suddenly appears one day, it changes everything, it gets bigger every year, and you have to learn how to make money from it or you're going to get eaten for lunch."

Paul Dickinson, CEO, Carbon Disclosure Project
quoted by Mark Hertsgaard in Hot: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth.